I have got the best Deal. Thanks JCT!

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Hi there at inquiry,

Thank you very much indeed for forwarding my name to dealers who were
able to look for a Mercedes B180. I received not one, but 42 emails from
different people amongst which I found the exact car I was looking for a
,2013 B180 with only 35.000km. 4.5 with tan leather upholstery and wood
grain dash which I have now purchased. Once again thank you for your


New Zealand

I am very satisfied with you responses and your information.

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I am very satisfied with you responses and your information. I will be in contact shortly with a view to purchasing some classic Minis.

Kind regards,


Ms. Carol


Thanks for your response to my inquiry.

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Thanks for your response to my inquiry.I was satisfied and I made up my
mind.waiting to get money by next week then I make payment.
Will contact you as soon as I'm ready.


Mrs. Ruth Areri


Thank you JCT Team for your support.

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Hello JCT,
I appreciate your support and I thank you so much to protect my money from bogus dealer in Japan. Keep it up !!

Mr. Adinani Shekutu


Good Response for my Inquiries

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Thank you JCT Support Team, I almost get many responses in different dealers/exporters for my inquiries.

Thanks again for the support on this!


Thank you JCT for your assistance.

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Thank you for all your assistance making sure I was taken care of after inquiring about, and subsequently purchasing the vehicle (2008 Nissan Skyline) found on your site. I was placed in the care of Takeshi Teruya at JPC Trade Co. Ltd., and he guided me through the process and was there whenever I needed him, until my car arrived (1 week ahead of schedule) here in Nassau. I got a great deal on the car--found the car on other sites but at a higher price--and I'm EXTREMELY happy with my purchase.

Mr. Levardo L. Pratt


Good response for my inquiry

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The Support Team
Yes, I got good response for my inquiry. Thank you very much for arranging that.I am still studying all the mails.Regards,

Sri Lanka

Inquiry for Suzuki Escudo 2011/02 - Very good response

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Dear Sirs,

I was indeed satisfied and thank you very much satisfied.
I am impressed wirh the number of responses I received.
Thank you very much for your assistance.

Mr. Denroy Forbes


Am thankful to japanesecartrade.com, which are indeed helpful.

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Am thankful to your website, which are indeed helpful.
I got my desired vehicles.

Ms. Sheena


Greatly appreciated and you have saved me a lot of money.

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Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated and you have saved me a lot of money.

Chosi Kasanda
Maths, Science and Sport Education
University of Namibia
Web: http://www.unam.edu.na

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